Remove the filters that stop you seeing

August 14, 2007 at 10:07 pm Leave a comment

“We can’t see things that we’re conditioned not to see.” Anything we do see that doesn’t fit with our conditioning we think is weird. Yoga is about trying to remove the filters we have from our conditioning. Also trying to remove the “I”, the “me”, “my” and “mine” and our inner dialogue so that we become “pure witness”.

Yoga says we should not be comparing ourselves to others, but simply being. Not fighting our bodies, but accepting; settling into a state and exploring it. “Witnessing” is an active state, but it’s not tension. We tend to focus on what is difficult about a posture, and forget what is easy, but it is better to recognise what is easy and gradually, bit by bit, explore.

For me, this chimes with counselling skills: listening completely to others without comparing my own experiences or bringing myself into the question. Completely accepting the other person’s feelings and point of view. Also, being solution focused: thinking about what is working and doing more of that, rather than focusing on what is difficult or problematic. Making small changes, which will lead to bigger changes. Treating change as a positive opportunity…


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