Creative a supportive community: feedback

August 31, 2008 at 11:00 am Leave a comment

A quality audience also gives quality feedback. The tips from our peer teaching exercise on Thursday were:

– Ask everyone to think of one word to describe how they are feeling about the activity and get everyone to tell this to the whole group (one at a time). This gives a sense of the mix of feelings and a bit of empathy.

– Make sure everyone knows what they are to give/get feedback on before the activity starts.

– If someone is talking to a group, set one person the task of being the observer and giving feedback, and the others to be the quality audience. Alternatively, if a group is presenting to several other groups, you can ask the separate audience groups to huddle for one minute to discuss and decide on one (positive) piece of feedback they will give.

– After the activity, ask the person how they thought it went – give feedback based on this.

– Always find positive points to say, focus on what they did well. Suggest how they can make something “even better”.


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