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October 27, 2008 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

Much has happened since my last post (tsk tsk).

  • Practice and reflection has made me feel much more confident in group work now.
  • I had my first placement: two weeks in a nursery, which was part of a primary school. This was really inspiring and a rich opportunity for learning and personal development. I would have blogged about it all at the time, but my computer broke down and was in for repair for three long weeks. My reflective notes were therefore all handwritten – how quaint 😉 The school had an impressively strong and positive ethos and whole-school positive behaviour strategy, strong leadership and lots of support for staff and students. Consequently, it was a happy school community and an ideal start to my placement experiences.
  • Back in uni, lots of good stuff about lesson planning, Assessment is for Learning, behaviour, child development, different curricular areas, equality and inclusion, classroom organisation and management, questioning, thinking skills…

I’m going to try to pick up some of these in subsequent posts. Meantime, I found this interesting pdf article entitled Get Persian on the Change This blog, which I think fits in somewhere, but I’m not sure where. The article describes how businesses can avoid making mistakes by using techniques like devil’s advocacy before taking major decisions. I wonder if there’s scope to introduce children to some of these ideas in connection with problem solving, debating or group work? (Not sure I’d use the terminology, and certainly wouldn’t advocate the Persian’s approach, but the ideas are interesting.)


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