Serviceable skill set… looking for a home

January 20, 2010 at 7:35 pm Leave a comment

A few thoughts crystallised this afternoon having helped some colleagues with a little blog admin task. It felt so good to be doing something I’ve done before – to feel on sure ground, to have knowledge and a skill useful to the group. I’ve missed that feeling!

Six months into my probationary year, I think I’m doing OK, I know I have learned and will keep learning and getting better, and I know some things will get easier with experience. Also, I do believe there’s more than one way to be a good teacher, and I believe everyone can learn and improve, always. But if I’m going to be a teacher, I want to be a really good one. And here’s the thing: I’m already better at other things than I probably ever could be at teaching. Would I be happier, and more use, doing the things that come more naturally?

So I can sort something on the school blog for my colleagues. But have I used the school blog once with my class – to publish their writing perhaps, or photos of their art? No, not once, but my colleagues have. I fully intended to when I started this year, and I still think it’s an important thing to do. It’s my new years resolution. But my ‘tech’ skill is useless, if I can’t do the ‘teach’. And I’ve been so buried under my day-to-day workload I haven’t even updated my own blog, never mind figured out how to get the children onto theirs.

And yet… education is where I want to be. Not necessarily formal, or mainstream, but education, learning, is the thing I really care about. I love learning, particularly about how people learn, and I love helping them to do so. I can’t think of a better use for my time and energy. So where do I belong?

At the moment, this question feels more like an opportunity than a burden. But it does feel like an important one to continue to try to answer, and hopefully the answering will continue to lead me down interesting paths…


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