I’ve always been drawn to teaching, and last year, I finally felt it was time to get involved. So, on 25 August 2008 I start my PGDE training, and this blog is my learning log and external hard drive for my brain.

I do feel anxious about publishing what would normally be in my head or scribbled in note books and I do cringe a little when I read my own words. But, I’m absolutely sold on the value of blogging and blogs. So I’m writing this in the spirit of sharing, in the hope that occasionally I might direct someone to something they find useful too, and because I know it’s good for me!

My particular interests in education (in no order) are:

  • personal learning planning
  • young people’s involvement in decisions
  • co-operative learning
  • inclusion (not only ‘mainstreaming’ but fostering inclusive communities for young people whether they attend mainstream school, special school or an alternative provision)
  • meaningful use of ICT
  • art, drama and storytelling
  • helping everyone gain all the literacy and numeracy skills they can
  • encouraging all pupils to feel they can get something from maths and the sciences.

You may notice there’s some early posts about yoga too. When I started this blog I had also just started a very good yoga class, and was enjoying learning about the ideas behind yoga (apologies to the teacher Krishna for cherry picking his words and adding my own naive interpretations). I’ve actually – regretfully – stopped going to the class (student economy) so you’ll be spared further mangled philosophy (for now).


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