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Animated poetry

Just had two transition days with my new class. Can’t recall ever being as scared as I was on Thursday morning, but I loved it! Really excited now about next year, but know I’ve got to try to put planning aside for a bit and not be a workaholic all summer. And with that resolve… I found this nice animation of Jarvis Cocker reading London by William Blake on the BBC website, which got me thinking we could animate some poems as a good ICT/comprehension and art and design project…


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“Sit still and be quiet”

I spent last week writing an assignment on child development, which – apart from wishing I was still lolling around doing nothing or meeting friends – I really enjoyed. In what I now recognise as my usual style, I started off being too ambitious with what I would cover, wrote far too much and then spent a long time cutting and tweaking. These are probably not characteristics that will serve me well as a qualified teacher. However, the point is, I chose to focus on physical development because I knew less about this than cognitive or social development – we had to choose one and I thought I’d learn more by choosing the one I don’t know. In a doubtless naive and under-read way, I tried to make a case for the interconnectedness of all three, and the underlying importance of movement and perception in learning.

This week, I find brilliant a video on the TED website of Ken Robinson. This is what I was trying to say:

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

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